About Us

“The emails bounced…”
“This is a very short mailing list…”
“we have limited customer insights for a campaign…”
You call these ‘reasons’ for failure – we call them ‘excuses’.


Let’s get introduced first.

B2B Info Champions – that’s what we call ourselves.

Established in 2003, we are the leading providers of data and marketing solutions for markets in the UK, US, Europe among others.


We think of ourselves as partners for growth enhancement. We help businesses grow – their markets, customers, revenue, brand value and more.

Whether it is B2B or B2C audience, marketing today is all about communication, and communication is all about human connection.

With our marketing contact databases we create the channel for making the human connection.

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The lack of a suitable marketing contact list can no longer be used as an excuse for inability to act. At B2B Info Champions we understand the transient nature of contact data and the need for using authentic, permission based data for initiating communication.

With almost 22% business contact details getting obsolete annually, there’s justification in your marketing campaigns failing without the right database. So why not move to the right databases?

At B2B Info Champions we are working with the best minds who bring their expertise and experience to the table. Our database marketing solutions are built to help businesses reach out to, acquire and retain customers across global markets. With databases available from across industries, we are here to make communication easy and meaningful.

So stop making ‘excuses’. We are giving you the ‘reason’ to make a new beginning.

Million records in our database

Million spent only on R&D for data

Countries served globally

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