Data Management

Data Maintenance and Enhancement

Data is highly effective when used correctly, with our help, clients are converting lapsed or idle contacts into active clients. With B2B Info Champions data management services, we not only safeguard your data, but also position it to optimise your ROI.


Did you know on average 22% of business databases are lost to decay each year? Our team of data experts ensures our data is under a constant cycle of refresh and validation. From compilation to delivery, our data also undergoes a stringent multi-source verification process.


  • Firstly, we identify and screen the data that is critical in optimizing your marketing ROI.
  • This data is run through a robust validation and verification process to ensure the resultant data is most authentic, relevant and efficient.


  • Each of data contacts are run through multi – source verification processes including telephone, telephone and social, where applicable.
  • Emails are re-opted every quarter.


  • We optimise your databases, reorganising and reprioritising as per your business requirements.
  • We can create a custom-built data set to meet all your marketing requirements and segment by company firmographics.


Data Enrichment

  • Gap fill any missing data elements using our global dataset to ensure your database is 100% complete and prepared for your marketing efforts.



  • Our profiling services enables us to provide business intelligence such as corporate hierarchy. Get complete company profiles through our cloud product (not partner) Ampliz!


  • Data is our business and data compliance is integral to our business and yours.
  • We are currently working to full GDPR compliance by May 28th 2018 deadline.
  • We provide assistance to update existing client databases to any new regulations.

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