Data Sources

How it’s sourced & compiled

Primary Data Collection Sources:

  • Tradeshows, events and conferences
  • Government records and listings
  • Tradeshow Attendee Lists
  • Postal Service Information (NCOA)
  • Public Record Information
  • Annual reports, SEC Filings and public filings
  • Business and trade magazine subscriptions
  • B2B Directory Partnerships
  • Free Magazines/Newspaper Subscription Offers
  • Business Trade magazine subscription Offers
  • 9,000+ Telephone and online Directories and Yellow pages

Secondary Data Collection Sources:

  • Websites and Blogs
  • Opt-in email campaigns with offers
  • Web Based Registrations /offers
  • TV, Radio and Print Advertising
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Phone surveys &
  • Point of sale

Aggregation and Compilation Process



We collate data from trusted primary and secondary sources.


Our in-house research team appends missing information, adds needed intelligence fields & validates data.


This data is shared with our contact center team for validation & verification via tele surveys and white paper download programs.


NCOA, Mortis suppression, Spam traps /honeypots, complainers, and opt-outs etc. are aggregated into a suppression file and de-duped.


Email address verification – we follow a two stage process to verify email addresses.

Stage 1 – Simple SMTP ping test using partner tools such as BriteVerify, Xverify, ImpressionWise, Freshaddress, DataValidation, Informatica etc.

Stage 2 – Live Email Campaign is executed to guarantee addresses are deliverable. Any Opt-Outs or bounces are added to our suppression files.


Our dedicated social and web validation team runs an automated and manual social validation process to add social media links to contacts.


Opt-in campaigns are shared to all contacts to seek their approval on 3rd party direct marketing activities. All Opt-outs are removed within 48 hours

We validate over 30 Million emails a month for verification and make over 1.8 Million calls a month. Each record delivered is validated using these methods within the last 120 days.