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Right Customer, Right Message, Right Time, Right Channel

Influencing buyers has gone beyond the reaches of conventional marketing methods. The modern digital market provides ample choices to buyers, and they choose exactly what they need. Personalisation is the key in gaining user trust, and this is what stands us apart from our competitors.

At B2B Info Champions, we enable our clients to deploy data-driven targeted marketing campaigns, improving ROI and find the relevant connections in any desired field.

With a strong foundation at its core, B2B Info Champions provides a potent mix of traditional and modern digital marketing services.

Our Digital Marketing Roots:

Lead generation

  • Frequent lead-capture campaigns via email and social media
  • Continuously engaging target groups on multiple channels
  • Probing prospects to ensure their interest; qualifying them
  • Creating referral offers for referred leads.

White-hat SEO

  • Get yourself found more on relevant searches with optimum keyword usage
  • Improved web-page rankings with search-engine approved guidelines
  • Search engine analytics support to back up your digital efforts.

Email Marketing

  • Brand awareness campaigns alongside regular sales communications
  • Value addition campaigns to target particular prospect segments
  • Event promotion campaigns to highlight events like product launch etc.

Nurturing campaigns

  • Creating a sustainable value-add strategy for regular engagement
  • Separate nurturing flows for leads and customers
  • Regular follow-ups with customers, post-service.

Market research

  • Know the who’s-who of the market
  • Real-time updates on essential client information
  • Market trend analysis, inputs on opportunities.

Competitor analysis

  • Follow industry leaders and market’s best practices
  • Heads-up about competitor products and services
  • Competitive edge to showcase why you are better.

Social media marketing

  • Divert readers to active social media pages for regular updates
  • Multichannel promotions of important announcements, chat support
  • Social media campaigns (paid ads, posts, polls, contests etc.) for regular engagement.

Content marketing support

  • Brand building content on websites (landing pages, offer pages, blogs etc.)
  • Value addition collaterals (Guides, case-studies, eBooks, worksheets etc.)
  • Customize campaign content according to specific needs
  • Training material and manuals for sales enablement

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