Why you need Pre-packaged marketing data?

Marketing costs will never ebb – in fact, with time it has been on the rise. Businesses as such need to re-strategize old plans in order to optimize investments.

Investment in a prepackaged marketing database instead of building an email list, is one such change organizations will need to make.

It’s a fast-paced world out there. Let’s keep communications quick and easy.

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Authentic Prepackaged Mailing Addresses: A smart solution to targeted marketing

It’s the 21st century – and timing is crutial, especially when it comes to marketing.
The right email/mail sent at the right time can deliver the most satisfactory results, and for that what’s needed is a concrete plan-of-action and tools. A marketing database for rolling out campaigns therefore is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Building an email marketing list is time consuming. It requires the right assets and resources and may take months before it starts delivering results. Reliance on a pre-packaged database is a quicker option as it comes with the necessary contact details without facing the challenges of compiling it.

At B2B Info Champions with our list of pre-packaged data, we make it possible for businesses to stay focused on their marketing initiatives and leave communication to us. So buy prepackaged email contact database today and adopt a smarter way to stay connected with targeted audiences.

How businesses benefit with Prepackaged Email and Mailing Database

Accurate database to avoid spam
Spamming is every marketer’s fear. And to avoid that, accurate email addresses are needed. Data validation and verification however requires a systematic approach, and we are here to do it for you.

Multichannel communication made easy
The advantage of using a verified pre-packaged mailing dataset is to get relevant data for multichannel communication. Audience engagement today demands repeated and frequent communication, and a multichannel approach is the most prudent way to go about it.

B2C and B2B mailing database
Whether your campaign requires to connect with consumers or business professionals, our prepackaged contact lists will make it possible in a jiffy.

Delivery-Driven marketing lists
To be successful, your marketing campaigns must reach its intended recipient. We make that possible. With databases that are cleansed and updated every month, it is unlikely that delivery will be an issue.

Business directories, trade fairs, government listings, journals, magazine subscriptions, field surveys, application based campaigns, annual reports, marketing seminars, opt-in email campaigns etc.

First and last name, email address, phone number, mailing address with zip code, country, company, revenue, employee count, SIC code, NCOA reference, job role/designation etc.

USA, UK, Europe including Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain etc, APAC, Canada.

Automotive, Forestry, Construction, Insurance and Mortgage, Banking and Finance, Human Resources, Mining, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Printing and Publishing, Education, Legal, Construction, Technology, etc.

Publishers, Resellers, Recruiting and Staffing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Research Consultants etc.

Generating quality Sales Leads through planned communications

Modern marketing demands contemporary forms of communication. And with the pre-packaged database from B2B Info Champions we provide the necessary tools for initiating communication. So why hesitate now? Make your move today by contacting us.